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    Iberian ham

    It smells like roasted chestnuts, that scent so characteristic of season that pervades the city. The lights and ornaments, little by little, appear through the streets and that glass of sparkling champagne is accompanied by a good plate of Iberian ham. And you think: "The season is finally here." Inhale deeply as you pass by the chestnut stand and your mind comes all those images so dear that remind you of this time of year that so much like to share with the family.



    100% Ibérico de Bellota, protagonista de la dieta mediterranea. In fact up to 75% of the fatty acids contained in its delicious infiltrated and intertwined fat are unsaturated, the healthiest. Especially important among them is the presence of oleic acid, the same as olive oil, which makes up 56% of total fat.

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    Spanish Seafood

    Its products include Spanish Giant Scarlet Shrimp, Tiger Prawn, Deep Sea Cooked Octopus, Baby Sardine, Tuna Belly and etc.

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Buena Co., Ltd.'s products are mainly from Spain, Australia and Iceland, and its products include the top Spanish Iberian Ham and Meat, Australian organic chicken, Icelandic organic sheep, Spanish seafood, olive oil, cheese and Spanish wines and many more.

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